Well, that's what some have called my converted 2 car garage, although I like to refer to it as my music room. This corner obviously is the test bench despite it's cluttered appearance. OK, here's what's on the rack from the top shelf and left to right side. Dana® freq. counter; Tektronix® power module with 3 units. From L to R, VOM, THD & IMD analyzer with AC voltmeter, waveform generator; Heathkit® IM and THD analyzers; patch box - homemade and under that a Heathkit® lin/log waveform generator;

Tektronix® oscilloscope, aka squiggletube, a nomenclature dubbed by Mr. Klipsch.



Below that, a Heathkit® chart recorder and under the squiggletube, a 10 amp variable resistor and AC voltmeter to adjust line voltage; on the bottom, a Heathkit® LCR bridge. I still have to measure speaker and line impedance the manual way; however, the LMS® circuit board, from Linear-X®, in the computer  will do all the functions necessary for loudspeaker and room measurements, and much more.




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