Well, that's what some have called my converted 2 car garage, although I like to refer to it as my music room. This corner obviously is the test bench despite it's cluttered appearance. OK, here's what's on the rack from the top shelf and left to right side. Dana® freq. counter; Tektronix® power module with 3 units. From L to R, waveform generator, THD & IMD analyzer with AC voltmeter, Adjustable +/- DC power supply.  Above the Dana are 3 Fluke multimeters.   Second shelf: Heathkit® IM and THD analyzers; Third shelf: Heathkit® lin/log waveform generator (partly obscured);  Tektronix® oscilloscope, aka squiggletube, a nomenclature dubbed by Mr. Klipsch.

On the table are a graphic ED for filtering the lows when sweeping tweeters at 1 watt.  The CLIO doesn't allow adjusting the start and stop frequencies of sweeps; the LMS does.  The CLIO is faster but doesn't have some of the features of the LMS.   LMS is Loudspeaker management System made by Linear-X Systems, now no longer in business.  It's in the WIN 98/ME computer on the floor at right.  It was purchased in 1994 and still works.

This photo was taken November 9, 2021






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