Footnote References from the Klipsch Bibliography


The following is a list of all the papers that I have acquired to which Mr.Klipsch made reference in the footnotes of his bibliography, and a few extras. All were obtained through various sources and the acquisition thereof was by no means easy nor free.


Loudspeakers of High Efficiency and Load Capacity C. R. Hanna Feb. 1928
The Function and Design of Horns for Loudspeakers C. R. Hanna & J. Slepian Feb. 1924
A New High Efficiency Theatre Loudspeaker of the Directional Baffle Type Harry F. Olson Apr. 1931
An Efficient Loudspeaker at the Higher Audible Frequencies L. G. Bostwick Oct. 1930
Comments on the Theory of Horns William M. Hall Apr. 1932
Means for Radiating Large Amounts of Low frequency Sound Edward W. Kellogg Jul. 1931
Interaction Impedance of a System of Circular Pistons S. J. Klapman Jan. 1940
Supersonic Measurement of the Directional Characteristics of Horns Stanford Goldman Jan. 1934
Soundwaves of Finite Amplitude in an Exponential Horn S. Goldstein & N. W. McLachlan Apr. 1935
Loudspeakers and Room Acoustics Hugh S. Knowles An old Radio Engineers' Handbook
A Horn Consisting of Manifold Exponential Sections Harry F. Olson Jan. 1938




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