You didn't think for one minute that I'd not put this little fella here. A ladyfriend found him in a thrift store and felt that he had a frown on his face which reminded her of me in the morning, hence the name.

For those who know me, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't, no explanation will suffice.

Actually, he's a popple, a part of that species of stuffed toys to which I refer as marsupials. They have a pouch behind them into which they can be turned inside out to make a basketball sized sphere. Although extinct now, they were popular in the 80's. But this guy, well, I call him my Freudian friend.


In a more serious vein, this page is intended for those who know me as it would probably lack interest for those who don't, although there mey be exceptions to that premise. If there be such exceptions, lemme hear from ya.


g Nine Months Young .....g The only photo I have of myself when I was a little tyke. The buzzard on the right is a good example of the effect of time. But as you can tell by the presence of the critter at the top of this page and the pages that follow, there is still a lot of the little guy on the left in the big ol' guy on the right.

Just a short note about the photo on the right. I was digging up some 45 rpm records for my sister. The rest of the paraphenalia will be described in detail (YAWN) later. My reference to the records as "45 rpm records" in lieu of 45's has root in a conversation I had with someone in their early 20's. When I said that I had given away over a thousand 45's to a friend when I got married, the individual thought I was referring to ammunition.


The table (it isn't here yet) below lists the dates of changes made. Each new date is a link to the appropriate page.

The above line is more of a note to myself.

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The escapades of two tenderfoots in the Superstitions


LOUDSPEAKERS Self explanatory. It also links to a page describing the times I've been fortunate to meet one of the greatest men in loudspeaker history,

Mr. Paul Wilbur Klipsch




The other homepage from whence ye came



Just some of the immediate members. ...This page may take a minute or two to download as it is 178 kb in size.

NOTE:  Added Aug. 2016.  

While editing this page, I noticed the above comment which was made during the era of 28k & 56k modems.  


 La Gioconda


The story behind a compulsion to copy of the great masters' paintings
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