The purpose of these pages is not to praise or criticize despite that there may appear to be some nuance of both. My apologies if that be so. The intent is solely to discuss some of the things that should be considered and the compromises one must make when designing a loudspeaker. How audible anything is or how much of an effect anything has on a system is determined by two things and the grey matter between them that processes the information gathered by the aforementioned 'two things'. They're called EARS. Our preference in the type of music we like and how we like to hear it probably stem from the same source as our preference for anything else. I'll leave that one where it is for now as I tend to get too philosophical.

One short story is worthy of mention here. I once read an article in a loudspeaker journal about a Japanese company's attempt at designing a loudspeaker system. They had all the latest technology at their disposal and a team of top notch engineers. After all the equations were digested by the computer, the computer designed the system. It was built and tested and passed with flying colours. Unfortunately, it didn't sound too good. After several more trips back to the drawing boards the newer designs didn't sound much better. Consultation was sought of a noteworthy foreign loudspeaker guru, an American, and this individual pointed out the flaws in their design. It seems the Japanese designers relied on pure theory, but one thing they didn't consider was that their computer didn't have EARS.

There was also a company's amplifiers that were tested by a well known audio lab about 15 years ago. The folks testing the amps stated that had they relied solely on the test results the amps would have been considered unworthy. However, they decided to give the amps an audition. The results were nothing less than astounding. Their test equipment didn't have EARS either.

Sorry, that was two stories. -- :) --- Enjoy the pages.


In the works:  discussions on cone and compression drivrs, the enclosure, horns, towers and the room.


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