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HOMEPAGE The first page you saw when you came here; the one with the hot rod Oldsmobile.
Grumpy's Place This is the page that has the popple with the prpple hair.  It also contains links to this page as well as the next two here.  
THEM THAR HILLS Some photos taken during my expeditions to the Superstition Mountains in search of the Dutchman's lost mine.  I had gold fever bad then.
LOUDSPEAKERS The main access for the loudspeaker pages.  These pages can also be accessed randomly from this Table of Contents page.
My Special Mr. Klipsch page These two pages describe my meetings with Mr. Klipsch.  There are links on the second of these which lead you to horn systems I've built and a list of the papers to which I've made reference.  Also listed is a complete index of the notable DOPE FROM HOPE papers published by Klipsch & Associates some 40 years ago; all of which I have.
DOPE FROM HOPE The notable papers; a sporadic publication from  Klipsch & Associates. (PWK)
Horn Systems Two horn systems I built from scratch.  Although they look similar to the real McCoy's, they differ in that they are larger, both unloading about 10 to 12 Hz. lower than the originals.  When I built these, I wasn't concerned about marketing as they were built just to see if I could do it.
Bibliography On Audio A list of papers published by Mr. Klipsch in various organizations.  Two pages linked.
AN INDEX OF THE PAPERS TO WHICH MR. KLIPSCH MADE REFERENCE IN THE FOOTNOTES ON THE PAPERS IN THE BIBLIOGRAPHY ON AUDIO In the papers listed in the Bibliography, Mr. Klipsch makes reference to ealier publications.  These are they; some going back as far as 1924.  I also have every one of these; the acquisition of which was tedious and not free, as I had to pay the libraries from whence they came.
More On Loudspeakers Some common sense advice written in a humourous and apologetic verse.
Briggs' Wharfedale Three Way System My first exposure to loudspeakers, the Briggs' system was designed by G.A.Briggs of Wharfedale Loudspeakers in England in the mid fifties.
A Few Other Systems Three systems designed by a friend and myself over a period of about four years.  These three systems were rated extremely "high end", if I may use the buzzword, by many a discriminating listener.
My Room - aka: Chamber of Horrors This is where it all starts.  There are 3 pages linked.
Corner Horns - Photos taken during construction Some very old Polaroids taken in the late 70's in my back yard during the construction of my third and last set of folded corner horns.
Phonograph Stylus SEM Photos Some photographs taken of a phonograph stylus with a scanning electron microscope, SEM.
Horn Theory A dissertation on the theory and types of horns.  Currently 9 pages.
H.H.Scott  Model 99-B A very early Scott amplifier
The Venerable REVOX A77 Some tips during my restoration of several A77s
AMPEX 970 A MONO Clone of a 1960 tape recorder playback amplifier
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