First  Bass Horn


Chapter 9



There is little left of this first horn I built way back in '73 probably due to my moving across country in '74.  Some of the high frequency section drawings survived due to their being kept in three ring binders as well as tables of flare dimensions and a lot of notes on the theory and design of the whole system but no drawings except the one shown below of the throat and cone.


An old drawing showing the cone of the W15FS woofer spaced back from the throat to achieve the correct Vb.  The dimension marked 7 is the smaller side of the throat, the other being about 9 inches.  the effective piston diameter of that speaker is 12 inches.  A typical 15 & 12 incher will have a Deff of about 12.7 & 10.25 inches, respectively.


Two views of the 50 year old Wharfedale W15FS.  For more info on this unit, please refer to the BRIGGS page.  It's titled The Briggs Wharfedale three way system in the indices on this site.


There's more coming.  I waited until I had something worth reading before posting these pages in lieu of posting a few at a time and leaving you, the reader, hanging out on a limb.  I tried to prevent a "cliff hanger" type story.


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