This was my first attempt at manually winding a voice coil.  At the time, I had nothing handy to use as a coil form, so I used the originals which were still in tact.  The coils were originally silk covered aluminum and soldering aluminum required a special technique.  Anyway, the coils were damaged beyond repair so copper was used.  If memory serves me well, it's 36 AWG.

As of September '14, two more Super 8's were acquired on ebay.  Both have the original aluminum coils as well as the original cones which are pristine.  The foam was gone.

One unit is an earlier model with a phenolic spider and the unit is new.  It came in the original Wharfedale box and and has the black dust bag as well as a large 18" square sheet with cutting patterns for several Wharfedale units.  The original box was housed in a much larger shipping carton.  It was a rare find indeed.  The other unit, purchased separately, has a black wavy spider.  There 4 new piccies at the bottom.









The disassembled Super 8.  Note the phenolic spider.  Larger ones have more spokes and do resemble an arial view of a spider, hence the name.





The cone and coil form on my coil winding contraption.  However crude it may appear, it works.

The coil form is securely shimmed to the hardwood dowel.





A closeup of the coil after the first layer.  The white stuff is paint, applied with a brush.  The paint was sprayed into a old nail polish bottle.

This holds the layer in  place and prevents separation when  the next layer is wound.  It also facilitates seeing the second layer.





The purple felt annulus applied, awaiting setting of the glue.





The finished speaker, one of a pair with original cones and dust caps. 

These are now being used in corner fitting enclosures, firing up along with restored Super 3's.

They are complimented with a pair of W15FS units in 6 ft^3 cabinets.




Two units acquired in August & September, 2014

Left, the first one with the wavy spider.  The hole in the diaphragm can be repaired easily.  The annulus will be replaced with foam.  Corrugated annuli such as this can cause spurious resonances.

Right, the box containing  the new Super 8.

Left, the template which is drawn on both sides.

Right, the new Super 8 with dust bag.  It has a phenolic spider which exposes the voice coil.  The bag will keep out dust as well as curious critters.


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